Ali Gul Pir and Shoaib Akhtar are back on screens with foodpanda’s #DekhtayJaoKhahteyJao song

With cricket being unpredictable as ever, there’s one thing that is surely keeping us glued to our couches: foodpanda’s #DekhtayJaoKhahteyJao discounts.

The campaign produced a peppy rap jingle performed by Ali Gul Pir, starring our favourite cricket celeb Shoaib Akhtar, to kick off foodpanda’s celebrations for the World Cup.

Here’s all that we like:

Ali Gul Pir performs yet another original

..and it’s definitely catchy.

The jingle brings Shoaib Akhtar back to our screens

The head-bob looks adorable

…especially with those guys in the back supporting Ali Gul Pir.

Crazy discounts on our favourite restos

Bouncer deals offer up to 70% discounts on over 6000+ restaurants with orders starting from Rs.50 with free delivery.

And that’s not all.

Foodpanda is giving us a chance to win World Cup goodies with every order with a voucher code: DekhtayJaoKhahteyJao.

Watch full video here:

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