Pakistani showbiz stars react on banning TikTok

ISLAMABAD-After receiving several complaints from people over its content, PTA finally issues a notice of banning TikTok and banned the app. The debate started on Twitter and it is trending on Twitter. People are having different opinions on it, some are absolutely favoring the ban while others are against it. Here, Pakistani showbiz stars have also shared their opinion on banning TikTok in Pakistan, actor Haroon Rasid said, “Digital freedom is great BUT if your platform doesn’t filter hate speech, immoral content etc. and the owners of the platform refuse to pay heed to the request of the country to look into filtering content then what other way do you tackle the issue.” Osman Khalid Butt said, “Such indecent & immoral content on the internet, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, gaming apps, television – Ghazis, unite! We must stop this plague! Write to PTA now.” Muneeb Butt said, “Tiktok got banned! Yarchotichotikhushyanthienlogunki feeling, bad for tiktok stars!”

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