Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘not serious’ about ending corruption: Bilawal

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Saturday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was “not at all serious” about ending corruption and only seeks to launch “fake cases” against his political opponents.

Bilawal’s remarks followed shortly after the prime minister, during a rally in Ghotki, had vowed that the government would not let PML-N and PPP leaders off the accountability hook “until they give back the country’s [looted] wealth”. The premier had also discussed corruption in Sindh, where the PPP has a majority government.

While speaking to media, the PPP chairman remarked that he had read the news that NAB has evidence against a sitting minister and his brother, but expressed the view that the minister would not be arrested because the corruption watchdog only practices “selective accountability”.

“We all know that NAB [National Accountability Ordinance] is a black law, designed for political engineering,” said Bilawal.

The PPP chairman claimed that if anyone was serious about challenging corruption and instating the law of justice and accountability — which he said was equally applicable to every citizen — it was him.

He promised he would one day establish such laws in the country, accusing the prime minister of only seeking to “show off his politics”.

“Khan sahab’s politics start and end at NAB,” he said.

He alleged that the accountability bureau had played an “important role” in the appointment of the incumbent government — which he labelled a “selected government” — and further alleged that the bureau continued to have a hand in running it.

Bilawal said that the premier beats the drums of provinces having increased responsibility and questioned why then they are not given their due share of resources. He accused the government of “stealing” the resources that belong to the people and spending them in Islamabad.

“This is a ‘red line’ for PPP and we cannot tolerate it at all,” he said, adding that the PPP would oppose this “conspiracy” at every forum.

In response to a question, Bilawal said that he had undertaken his recent train journey, a reference to the PPP’s “Caravan-i-Bhutto”, for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s death anniversary.

“I know that Khan sahab doesn’t go to his constituencies,” he remarked, adding: “A selected politician does not give importance to his voters.”

Afghan peace process

While responding to a question regarding Afghanistan, the PPP chairman said: “I think that the people and representatives of Afghanistan should make decisions about the future of Afghanistan.”

He said that everyone was hopeful that the steps taken by the US and other countries would bring fruitful results to the long-drawn conflict that had brought so much instability to the region.

Bilawal, however, expressed “some doubts” about the process as the people and representatives of Afghanistan were not being taken into confidence.

He remarked that when US President Donald Trump said that the US was pulling out of Afghanistan, the Afghan president himself had found out about the announcement through the television.

Bilawal said that Prime Minister Khan’s recent statement regarding Afghanistan was “inappropriate” and that the premier or any Pakistani should not make statements against the Afghan government and elected representatives.

Accuses Pakistan of going soft on Israel under PTI

Regarding Israel, the PPP chairman said that his party stands with the people of Palestine regardless of the position taken up by other Pakistani politicians, the Muslim community or the rest of the world.

“I think that since Khan sahab came to power, perhaps Pakistan’s stance towards Israel has seen some softening,” he alleged, citing it to be a common perception among political circles.

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