Unknown dengue-like disease in Karachi affects 30,000

KARACHI: As numerous as 30,000 patients have been influenced by an obscure ailment in the city amid the most recent 30 days, said Senior Director Health Services Dr Abdul Wahid Panwer.

As per Dr Panwer, 30,000 patients have gone by the OPD of Sindh Government Hospital Saudabad grumbling of high-fever and extreme body torment.

Wellbeing commanding voices in the city have sprung to activity after the puzzling infection was highlighted by the media.

Serve Health Dr Sikander Mehndro additionally went by the clinic and said that unless it was demonstrated, powers couldn’t make sure that the viral diesease is Chikungunghya.

So far fifteen blood tests have been taken by patients. Five specimens have been sent to Aga Khan University Hospital, five to National Institute of Health Islamabad and five have been sent to Sindh Government Lab, MS SGHS Dr Rehana Bajwa affirmed.

On the mandates of Health Department, Malaria Control program has begun its work gathering test of larwa-locales and leading fumigation.

In the mean time, a panel from World Health Organization (WHO) likewise went to the clinic and took blood tests to analyze the illness.

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